Life stories

My Life BC

My Life BC (before Christ)


I’m out of the airplane, and the heat strikes me as I hurry from the airport to get a taxi to Patong. I’m filled with anticipation and excitement. Finally, 3-6 months of partying (depending on how fast the money run out)! Did not have any sleep on the airplane, and the hangover is making itself known to me, but that’s just another reason to hurry. Let’s find a room and a bar ASAP!

I’m here, and everything is like usual. Most of the old gang is reunited; we are brothers, and most of us would die for one another. The shot games succeed each other, the liquor is flowing like a river wild. Happily, I accept a contest of who can drink 10 shots of “kamikaze” in a row most quickly, and yes, I win! Someone wants a revenge and it’s on again. This time it’s a draw, and the last ones are about to come up again. I excuse myself and go to the toilet to unload, good to go again. We have fun, we are family, and we love and respect each other! The time is 02.00, and the police force the bar to close. It’s time to continue the party on another street were it’s open until 07.00.

Now the hunt is on, no one wants to go to bed alone! More beer and we are probably the most handsome crowd in Phuket, so how hard could it be? Because we are so young and handsome, we should get a discount. Most of my friends got their girl (I’ll hear everything about it tomorrow). I’m tired don’t want to go to bed alone, but my conscience is nagging me, something is not right when you need to pay for a girl. Determined not to go down that road, I wait until I get “something” for free. Pizza take away and then the silence of the room for a couple of hours. At 10 o’clock we have an appointment to meet up again at the beach. A brief prayer of forgiveness before I pass out, and I’m just feeling great about being back!

The morning comes but not many had the power to be up at this time, so we will see them later on. A sun chair and a beer, talking and laughing about yesterday’s adventures. I get different evaluations of yesterday’s girls, one of them was apparently ok, but her stomach’s appearance was damaged by child birth. Another friend was really upset that he did not get any discount; he always got the girls for 500THB but this one wanted 800! Whatever, it’s a new day, and new adventures await! We sleep, drink, and talk until around 14.00, and then we decide to go for the afternoon bar session. After a couple of hours, we are drunk and handsome again, dancing on the tables and really excited about what the rest of the day will bring! It’s 18.00, and we split up to take a shower, have a change of clothes, and then meet for the only organized meal a day before we go back to the “mother bar” again.

We are reunited in the restaurant now, and one of the guys brought his “date” from the day before. She apparently agreed to stay with him for free; he only needed to pay for the food and take her out shopping. My friend that sits at my side confides in me and asks for my advice. His girl started to show him pictures of her kids after the “act” yesterday. That really put him off, and he will try to avoid meeting her again. The discussion comes up about how greedy these girls are, how they just want us for our money. I mean we are basically just doing them a favour. We are young and healthy, even giving them a tip so they don’t have to use an ugly old guy. We also talk about the difference of going out in a club in Sweden and getting laid by a Swedish girl and doing the same in Patong with a Thai girl. Conclusion: the only difference is that the Swedish girls are more stupid not charging anything for their services!

Dinner is finished with a grog, and it’s time to move on!



Three months has passed, and everyday has basically been the same. Sometimes we change the morning beer at the beach to a day trip with beer somewhere else, but basically never left Phuket this time. I’m at the airport again on my way back. One year’s worth of savings are gone, and hard work is waiting, but next winter I’ll be back! My hands are shaking, and I cannot hold my cup of coffee without spilling. I probably had four or five days in three months that were more or less sober.

I nearly cried in the taxi over to the airport, I really don’t want to leave! Now the tears are coming as the airplane is leaving the airstrip. I’m thinking of what they guys are doing right now, who is there at the bar, where are they going later on?

My parents meet me at the airport. They are so happy to see me, but I’m just depressed! Of course I love my parents and just to see them gives me a comforting and peaceful feeling. But I would rather take the plane back to Thailand if possible. My mother thanks Jesus that He has protected me, and she told me that they always pray for me. I try to avoid that conversation. I mean I believe, but I have my own belief that fits my lifestyle. I try to avoid eating with my parents for the next couple of days because my hands shake very badly. They ask me how I managed to waste so much money, since they accidentally saw my bank statement. What to say? Thailand has become a very expensive country!

It takes about a month of mourning and depression to overcome the fact of being being back in Sweden, but I have frequent phone calls with friends, girlfriends, etc. to help me overcome. There are a lot of plans going on in my head about how to make business in Thailand to be able to stay. The best and easiest would be a bar, right?

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