Before I came to Thailand, I had a lot of ideas about how it would be. I thought it was a dry and poor land, and I heard it was a full of prostitution and pedophiles; I really did not want to go close to those areas. When I came, it was not at all what I thought. It was beautiful, rich, and the prostitutes were just ordinary girls, sweet as ever. I still to this day did not see any pedophiles. You hear that it exist, but what you don’t see you would not care about. It was something about Thailand that hexed me, I just had to come back again. It’s like as soon you enter the country everything goes, there is no boundaries or restrictions; just do everything and anything that you would not do at home. What’s illegal and morally wrong suddenly becomes ok, things that you would never even talk about at home is laughed about in Thailand. I see tourist families with kids hanging out in the bars exposing their kids to all of that. I see married couples finding excitement in the go-go bars buying a girl for the night. I have seen a father buying a prostitute for his son on his 15th birthday as a gift, etc. The stories are endless. I came back year after year until God brought me a wife, and my life stabilized a bit. The same story as mine is seen over and over again, and it often ends up in addiction, jail, death, or mental illness. I think all of my old friends who got themselves a Thai wife, including me. Some of them are still ok, but most relationships are based on the wrong foundation and will not last. The Thai girls are looking for financial stability and to escape to a foreign country with higher standards. The foreign men are looking for someone who can fill their emptiness. Many of the girls and the men come from broken marriages, broken families, and abuse of every sort. The relationship is thought to fix all that, but it will not and it often takes a very nasty turn. It’s difficult enough with a cross-cultural marriage as it is without a lot of emotional baggage!

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