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It’s getting close

It’s getting close!

Since we came to Thailand nine years ago, so much has happened in our lives! The years has just been flying by, and it’s hard to believe that it’s already been six years since we had the opportunity to go and visit our family in Sweden!

We are still amazed that, even though we miss our family, God has giving us family here as well in our brothers and sisters in Christ. He has taught us to be more homesick for our eternal home, and that you can have peace in Him wherever you are in the world if you are in His will!

Finally, it looks like we will be able to go back for a month at the end of April, which is really exciting. Meeting with parents, siblings, and friends will be such a blessing!

During this time we will also visit some churches and home groups to present the “Baking For Freedom” project, which we are finally ready to launch. We really hope to be able to open people’s eyes for the massive problem of human trafficking and the sex trade in Thailand and Asia. Actually, it’s a global problem, and countries outside Thailand have a part in it and need to take action against it!

NGOs estimate that up to 70% of male tourists in Thailand are sex tourists. That means that in 2002, about 4 560 000 male tourists came to Thailand specifically for sex, and in 2015 the estimated number is 12.5 million sex tourists. The numbers are steadily increasing and of course the increased demand will also lead to an increase in supply!

We want to do our part in reducing and eventually stoping the sex trade; will you help as well?

Read more about our project and how you can be involved at

So, it’s getting close. Close to go and visit family, and close to eventually be able to make an impact in the society by launching this project. But, we are also very close to the return of our Saviour, which makes it even more urgent to do something! Our goal and focus has to be to bring people to Christ; sustainable change will only be achieved through Jesus!

In Christ!

Mattias, Viyada



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