Who We Are

We are a mixed culture family of Swedish and Thai, our home for the last nine years has been Phuket, Thailand. God brought us to Phuket in a very unexpected way, it has been a challenging time but also a time of great blessings. We are so thankful to Jesus for how He has been shaping and molding us over the years, and also for how we have been able to be used by the King of kings to expand His Kingdom here in Phuket!

We are currently serving in an international church,  and are also a part of a justice and compassion organization,click on the pictures to follow the links.

We created this website to raise awareness and support for a new project that God has put on our hearts. After years of praying and investigating, we are ready to begin the next step for Cornerstone Bakery and Freedom Café.

God has amazing plans for Phuket and Thailand, we see how He is gathering His people here to be tools in His hands. It’s so exciting to see the Christian community slowly but surely growing stronger and stronger. Thailand is a very devout Buddhist country with less than 1% Christians, but we are getting ready for a mighty harvest!

To read about our testimony, click the link: https://bakingforfreedom.com/category/testimonies/