The Project

How can you practically help people make a break with their old, harmful lifestyle and build up their self-respect and self-worth? There are few things more satisfying than working and creating with your own hands. Our baking and barista training programs will help participants learn a new trade with an opportunity to open up their own businesses. Practical baking or barista training alongside discipleship and business training will help participants build self-esteem, self-worth, and hope for their future in light of our ultimate hope, Jesus Christ.

The “Baking For Freedom” program is a doorway to foster trust, build relationships, and create a source of income for these new life builders while they develop their new skills.

Cornerstone Bakery

The bakery will primarily provide local coffee shops (including Freedom Café) with baked goods, but it will also supply hotels, restaurants, and grocery stores around the island. In addition, there will be an online ordering and catering component, something currently unique in Phuket.

Freedom Café

We realize the importance of being a presence of light and truth in the community. We want to find strategic locations in various party/red-light districts where people can find a comfortable, quiet, and safe environment, which ultimately is created by the Holy Spirit. We want Freedom Café to be a place where people can find someone to talk to and pray with, and a place of excellence where the coffee and the baked goods will motivate people to return. We want our café concept to be replicable in order to create a chain of outreach places that will impact the society in Phuket and beyond.

The Training Program

Once enrolled in the “Baking For Freedom” program, participants will learn the following:

Vocational training
Cornerstone Bakery and Freedom Café will be run as professional businesses with an aim to create and sell high quality baked goods and coffee. Within Cornerstone Bakery and Freedom Café will be a training facility incorporated in the businesses, and our program will stress high-level, multi-faceted training and professionalism. Graduates of the program will be able to begin a new career in the baking industry, as a barista, or in the opening of their own business.

English language studies
To create more opportunities for graduates to acquire high quality jobs or to run professional businesses, proficiency in English is vital in Thailand. As part of the program, “Baking For Freedom” participants will have regular English classes taught by native speakers.

These classes will give participants an understanding of business management and how to manage private economics and business economics. Participants will learn about finances, basic computer skills, and bookkeeping programs; essentially, everything needed to run a business.

People enrolled in the program will get the privilege of free medical care and check-ups. They will also go through personal hygiene training and professional hygiene training for handling food and food production in a professional kitchen.

There is always a lot of baggage to carry if you have been a victim of trafficking or other exploitation. To help participants heal from past trauma and abuse, the “Baking For Freedom” program will offer counselling, love, care, encouragement, and discipleship through a one on one mentor and a group setting. We will create a safe environment for participants to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

 All participants will have to go through and complete all the above components in order to receive their diploma, which will enable them to apply for our micro-finance program to receive funds for starting up a business. The diploma will also give graduates credibility when applying for  a job.