We aim to impact Thailand by creating sustainable models that can be used in the work of interrupting and eventually stoping the cycle of prostitution, poverty, and human trafficking in this region. We hope that these models will lift up and empower communities with the tools they need to bring about generational change in their society, models that can then be duplicated throughout Thailand and Southeast Asia

In order to bring sustainable change to the reality of the sex trade and human trafficking in Thailand, both the supply and the demand sides of the issue need to be addressed. Because of this, we currently work with both the women in the red-light district and the foreign men visiting or residing in Thailand.
Sex trade Statistics



Once we have established relationships with women in the red-light area, we offer them the opportunity to join our program and learn a new trade in the baking industry, which is accompanied by various related topics of study. The goal of our program is for these women to eventually be able to open their own bakery or be employed in the commercial baking industry. We are committed to walking hand-in-hand with these women and showing them another way of life, another way to earn income, and another way to regard their self-worth. By providing these women with a firm foundation to build on, they can eventually return to their homes and families to make an impact on their own community. We believe that new values and skills will help people to change their former way of life and break the chains of abuse, hopelessness, and the sense of unworthiness.



Because we believe in the need to address the problem of the sex trade holistically, we also need to see to that the demand side is minimized. If there are no buyers, there will not be any sellers, and the cycle of exploitation will cease. Above all, we know that God love the “buyer”, the “seller”, and the “merchandize” equally. We are called to make disciples of all nations and all people. Jesus died for us all; He took the punishment for the pimp, for the sex worker, for the sex tourist, and for us, and he doesn’t differentiate.

By establishing high-end coffee shops in strategic areas, we endeavour to meet the group of “buyers” on their own ground. There are a lot of broken, single men coming to Thailand who are running away from something. They try to fill the void inside them with alcohol, drugs, and sex, and many also try to find comfort in Buddhism and meditation. To provide great coffee and outstanding baked goods served in a comfortable setting, in an atmosphere infused with the Holy Spirit, we will be able to connect with these men through daily conversations. At Freedom Café, they will find people to listen to them and to pray with and for them.

Increasing Need

The need here is great; the suicide rate of foreigners in Thailand is skyrocketing, and we hear reports nearly every week of foreigners ending their lives while in Thailand. Only Jesus can satisfy and fill the void in people’s hearts, and that message needs to be proclaimed. We want to be there for hurting men and walk with them in the direction of a growing faith in Jesus. Our hope is that when they return to their home country, they are a new creation empowered by the Spirit of God and ready to impact the world!


The problems of poverty, substance abuse, broken families, and suffering children as a result of the sex trade and human trafficking in Thailand and in Southeast Asia are overwhelming.

To fight this, we are committed to work and partner with existing organizations in the following areas:


We work to interrupt the demand and recruitment of trafficking victims by educating the next generation. We work hard to change the conditions that allow slavery to persist.

Awareness – When more people learn that slavery still exists, the anti-slavery movement gains energy and strength. Educate yourself, your friends, and your neighbours. Empower yourself and others to abolish slavery in this generation.

Education – We aim to always develop and provide life changing and empowering education connected with the bakery and café projects. We also partner to provide health education and HIV checks to those that lack access.

Community Development –  We partner with existing organizations or initiate self-led programs to provide education and projects that meet felt needs in communities and follow development best practices.


Through governments and partners, we seek to intervene in key situations to provide protection to those in unsafe environments.

Rescue – We are available to support partner organizations that have existing relationships with government offices and law enforcement to facilitate rescue efforts as needed.

Safe Homes – We partner with existing organizations to provide safe homes to those that may be at risk and those that are needing a safe environment once rescued.


We come alongside people to provide safe environments for them to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Training – We seek to provide vocational training that brings new hope to dreams long lost. This is often through counselling, vocational training, and English language learning.

Documentation – Many survivors and marginalized people lack proper legal documentation. We strive to facilitate the steps necessary in order to help each person receive proper legal status and be recognized as a contributing member of society.